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How to Work Successfully With a Translation Project Manager

Hiring translation project managers is probably the best decision; these professionals are qualified to identify the correct requirements of each project; then organizing, securing and managing the project plan so as to deliver desired results.

Knowing how to work with a translation project manager is important for overall success. We highlight how you can gain substantial value from this relationship:

1Helpful Tip on Document Formats

Most project managers are given un-editable PDF documents onto which the translators have to work. This lengthens the entire process as PDF documents have to be first converted first in the compatible format. Providing a simple Word file on the other hand will aid the process greatly since the software is editable and compatible, with translation memory embedded.

1Helpful Tip on Deadlines

Talk about deadline with your project manager as your definition of ASAP might be very different from theirs. When it comes to deadlines, it’s often better to specify in complete and thorough terms with the project manager before starting. Also, discus what your priorities are in relation to quality and speed.

Helpful Tip on Reference Materials

1Clients often provide F&L Translations and Interpretative Services with reference material i.e. previously translated documents and/or even general information about the company, the products or services. This proves to be very helpful to the translators as it allows them to be more consistent.


Helpful Tip on Keeping Lines of Communication Open

Very often, clients send project details to the project manager and don’t hear from them until the manager completes and delivers the final translation piece; in other cases, the client themselves are unavailable – leaving the translation project managers to fend for themselves. This is an ill practice. An open line of communication is paramount between the client and the project manager. It determines and maintains deadlines, project revisions, positive or negative feedback and working on consistency and quality.

Helpful Tip on Feedback

1All project managers appreciate feedback, whether it’s negative or positive from their clients. This helps them to evaluate their process and work on maintaining an excellent service. Make sure to provide feedback after the project manager has delivered the final translation piece and even in between (when the project is being worked upon).

The success of any project depends on how the project manager and client gel together, in terms of communication. When it comes to hiring a project manager though, you won’t have to look elsewhere as F&L Translations and Interpretative Services provide excellent individuals to perform all kinds of translations and interpretative services.

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