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Mistakes to avoid when editing your content

Editing forms the core of effective translation. Whether you translate website content or text documents, you need effective editing to polish the copy and make the content stand out. On the other hand, poor website or document editing, especially of renowned companies, can cost them significantly. Yet, editors continue to make grave and costly mistakes. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Translate and edit simultaneously

Rule number one, never translate and edit text simultaneously. Multitasking is a big NO when it comes to writing and editing. Therefore, read text thoroughly, translate it accordingly, and only then start editing it.

Not taking notes

Always take notes. For example, if you notice a spelling mistake, make a quick note so that you remember to correct it later. Furthermore, edit with a colored pen on hard copy or highlight text on Word to make necessary changes.

Last minute editing

Sometimes editors check copy at the last minute, assuming that the translated work would be up to mark anyway. Do not make this mistake. High quality editing calls for immense attention to detail. You have to modify the overall structure and quality of writing. In fact, you have to check for each word, sentence, and paragraph over and over again. And improving the overall readability of a document takes time and effort. So, do not leave editing to the last minute.

Assuming information

Do not assume that certain words or phrases are correct, even if a qualified translator has worked on the project. Try your level best to find errors in translated documents. Make sure that the final document or article is free of errors – grammatical, punctuation, spelling, etc.

Similarly, don’t shy away from rewriting entire sentences or paragraphs for conciseness and flow. Make sure that there is clarity and consistency of thought in writing.

Furthermore, always double-check facts, dates, numbers, names, website links, tables, quotes or anything that you have doubts about. If you feel something is inaccurate, refer to source notes.


Make sure you have no distractions while editing. In other words, shut down email, music, social media, TV and your phone.

Concentrate on every word, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Print out your document and read it aloud to yourself to better identify areas of improvement.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Observe yourself. If you find yourself drifting off, get come coffee to freshen up and then go back over to that section again. Most importantly, do not exert yourself. Always take regular breaks.

In a nutshell, avoid these mistakes to ensure quality editing. For more information on editing, translation and interpretation services, Contact F&L Translation and Interpreting Services. The global communications agency offers Spanish editing solutions for a number of companies.


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