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Proofreading 101: Things to Watch Out For

1Writing an article or blog on any subject and with the resources available is fairly easy to do. The important thing is to make sure the piece of content is able to convey the message you want to the target audience – and for most part that is the hard part. However, another factor that could affect the quality of your content is little errors that mostly go unnoticed. Even the most efficient writers can make mistakes in their copy, which is why many prefer to hire translation and interpretation services to go through the piece thoroughly before publishing it.

The professionals working at F&L Translations and Interpretative Services receive numerous pieces of content in a day, which they go through to edit and proofread. What they look out for is;


Determining the tone of voice of the author who wrote the article or blog is difficult but not more than coming up with the right tone for corporate copy. Proofreaders have to make sure that the one of the copy is aligning with the overall brand’s tone.

While most of the issues should be addressed in the previous editing stages, it’s still possible to overlook a few parts. It’s the job of the proofreader to notice these issues and fix them.

Logical Flow

What is meant by logical flow here isn’t the storytelling aspect of content marketing that most marketers feature in their copy. Logical flow over here means that each sentence should have appropriate transitioning – followed by another that makes sense. It’s the same for whole paragraphs, i.e. each paragraph should have a flow to the ending, middle and beginning.

The job of the proofreader is to find and correct inconsistencies in the transitions between paragraphs and sentences.



Even the best writers have moments of grammar slipup, especially when facing tight deadlines. Making silly mistakes such as using “their” instead of “they’re” is something every writer may have made at some point in time; however, these mistakes in your blog posts or article can prove to have disastrous results. Why? English is a finicky language (so is Spanish, for that matter) and even one placement of commas or apostrophes can change the entire meaning of a sentence!

This is why proofreaders are extra vigilant when it comes to spotting and rectifying grammar mistakes in the copy.

While this blog featured only the most basic of ‘proofreading things to look out for’, the professionals at F&L Translations and Interpretative Services focus on brand positioning and persona, logical images placement etc when going through your copy. It makes sense to hire us, don’t you think? Check out more details for our editing proofreading services.





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