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All translations are proofread by a second linguist (editor/reviewer) trained and certified by the Fundéu-RAE (Real Academia Española).


If you want to have a document in perfect Spanish or English, we are your best choice! Our linguists are professional editors/reviewers trained and certified by the Fundéu-RAE (Real Academia Española).

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F&L Translation and Interpreting Services is staffed by some of the most renowned professionals in the industry. Our confidentiality, our ability to deliver flawless deliverables, and our punctuality are unmatched.

Silvia Sicalo

Meeting Planner at General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

"As a skilled and detail-oriented translator, Veronica excels in accurately conveying meaning and nuances across the Spanish language. Her proficiency in translation is truly impressive, reflecting a high level of expertise in the field. In my experience working with Veronica, I found her to be not only reliable but also consistently exceeding expectations. She is an asset to any project or team, and her commitment to delivering results is truly commendable".

Wayne JohnsonWayne Johnson

Senior Virtual Project Manager/Intercultural Specialist/ Instructional Systems Designer (ISD)/Curriculum Design Expert

"I have known Ms. Fabiano as a subject-matter-expert (SME) and curriculum developer for our Spanish course that we are designing for the Defense Language Institute (DLI). Apart from being an excellent and qualified Spanish subject-matter-expert, Ms. Fabiano is also gifted and brilliant in her interpersonal communications and intercultural communications skills. I feel that Ms. Fabiano would be a great addition to your organization. Verónica has natural talent as an educator and leader. She works effectively with people from around the world because she understands various cultures and how to effectively communicate in many educational settings. She is especially skillful at anticipating the needs of others and assisting people. Verónica cooperates fully with the people she works with in an easy and relaxed manner that makes her a real pleasure to be around".

Alejandra Elena Martínez

Traductora técnico-científica

"Cecilia y Verónica son profesionales brillantes y excelentes personas, con una gran capacidad no solo en lo estrictamente lingüístico, sino también en cuanto a la seguridad, paciencia y firmeza para la organización y el manejo de equipos. Tienen una capacidad de trabajo inagotable. Me siento afortunada de haberlas tenido como jefas, ya que gran parte de lo que soy como profesional lo aprendí trabajando con ellas en F&L".

Lisandro Guiuzo

Gerente de contrataciones de empresa tecnológica

"Venimos confiando en F&L Translations desde hace años para todas nuestras traducciones juradas/públicas. Siempre ha sido un placer trabajar con Cecilia y con Verónica, ya que satisfacen ampliamente todas nuestras necesidades en este campo".

Wendy Zang

Reclutadora de empresa de e-learning

"Todas nuestras traducciones públicas y técnico-científicas las realiza F&L Translation and Interpreting Services. Hace años que traducen la documentación relacionada con el sector de la educación de la empresa, y nuestra experiencia con ellos ha sido la mejor".

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